These electric and pneumatic powered DrumVac kits are a multi-industry clean air solution with fully integrated features designed to keep an operator working, without being concerned with the arduous task of changing out a vacuum bag in high collection scenarios. Used in conjunction with a 55 gallon drum, this system lends itself to one of the largest capacity portable dust/chip collection systems in the industry. Models 61204 and 61205 offer the highest level of lift performance, when speaking to large debri/chips in a dry or wet state.

Functionality Highlights

      – Bypass motor utilizes clean air to cool and extend motor life.
      – Overload protection powers down vacuum prior to motor failure from overheating.
      – Self-cleaning HEPA filtration provides a burst of clean air through filter, promoting proper airflow for power-head performance and extended filter life.
      – Selected single or dual operator mode. Dual operator will require an additional vacuum hose assembly to be purchased as an accessory. (Model 61201 only)
    – Integrated auto on/off when using system with tools.